PTA Business Committees

The Treasurer, Secretary and Presidents oversee several committees that handle the finances of the PTA, PTA day to day business, PTA membership, directory, teacher grants and more. There are many great jobs that can be done from home or office.


Audit Committee

Consider sharing your accounting skills with ISD. This team of three will examine the ISD PTA's financial records and transactions for the previous fiscal year to ensure compliance with PTA Bylaws, which is required by the CTPTA.  It should take only 2-3 hours of your time in September. This committee is not needed every year. 



This volunteer is responsible for assisting presidents and communications team in promoting PTA Membership. Volunteer will man PTA Membership table at Open House. Volunteers will also occasionally collect membership checks that parents leave in the office and submit them for deposit to PTA as well as enter them into ISDPTA.ORG. This volunteer reports directly to the PTA Co-Presidents.


Treasury Assistant - Corporate Donation Matching


Assist the Treasurer with a very important task.


One to two volunteers needed to follow up with families who have donated to the ISD PTA and have self-identified as having an employer with a corporate matching program. This involves reaching out to the identified families, guiding them through the match process if necessary, and electronically confirming donations with the corporate matching provider. This role takes place predominantly in the fall when the PTA Membership drive is underway, but there may also be other corporate matching opportunities throughout the year. Volunteers will fall under the oversight of the Treasurer, who will assist with check cashing and deposits where necessary.

Easy to do from your computer at work or home!



Merchant Rewards Program Coordinator


Advertise and facilitate ISD's participation in partnerships with BoxTops, Amazon Smile, etc. Work with Treasurer to enroll ISD and make sure payment is coming to ISD!

Easy to do from your computer at work or home! 


Treasury Advisor


This role is for a past treasurer or president who advises the treasurers on procedures and policies. 



This team works to publish the Directory using database information collected from parents on ISDPTA.ORG. Responsibilities include working with office to make sure our families are adequately represented in the directory. This job can easily be done from home or office. Reports to PTA Secretary.

Easy to do from your computer at work or home!


Buddy Program Team

In this role, you will help welcome new ISD Families. You will recruit returning parents to act as buddies to new ISD parents and gather new family contact information during Kindergarten Orientation and visits before school starts. Create buddy matches that will give new families support throughout the year and organize the New Parent Coffee. This work occurs at beginning of school year. Reports to PTA Secretary. We have a chair but need team members!


Lost and Found

Help keep ISD's Lost and Found organized, communicate to parents regarding L&F items via Dragon Tales and organize opportunities throughout the year for parents to search through L&F after school. Reports to PTA Secretary.


School Supplies

In this role you will work with the school administrators and the grade level teams in the spring to determine what items will be on the school supplies list for the following year. You will get pricing from the vendor, promote availability through Dragon Tales and e-blasts. You will also collect and place orders and then distribute the packages the week before school starts. Reports to PTA Secretary.


Social Chair

The purpose of this role is to create community among parents and help parents get to know each other. Responsibilities for this role include coordinating twice yearly grade level socials (Beginning of the year, Before Nomination time). This includes picking dates/ times that do not overlap with other grades and calling and reserving an area at a local restaurant for parents to meet. Communicating social events is coordinated with class parents for each grade. Social chair will also assist class parents if they need help with setting up class level social events.

Teacher Grant Committee

This initiative will award several educational grants, to support and enhance the teaching and learning at ISD by providing educators with funding for technology, materials, or programs that enrich the curriculum and stimulate creative learning. This team will publicize the grant, collect submissions, discuss the submissions with Mrs. Firmender and award the grant. This role reports directly to the PTA Co-Presidents.

Easy to do from your computer at work or home!





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