ISD PTA Executive Board

The ISD PTA Board is the driving force behind all of the activities and initiatives of the PTA. Executive board positions are two-year roles. There are two PTA presidents, a secretary, two treasurers, as well as various VPS. Most positions have an outgoing and incoming role, where the outgoing VP is responsible for a larger share of the workload, with the incoming VP shadowing and learning during the first year and slowly transitioning to more work. The incoming role then becomes the outgoing role in their second year. The Executive Board meets once a month (currently virtually) and all members are required to attend board meetings and PTA meetings (2-3 per year). The chart below shows how all of our PTA Committees are organized under the Executive Board.




As one of two Presidents, you will work closely with the principal to enhance communication between parents and the school. You will set direction and make decisions to ensure the most effectively and efficient use of PTA funds and PTA volunteer efforts to enrich the educational experience of ISD students and create a community among all ISD families. • Time commitment: Typically 5-10 hours per week; more at peak / seasonal times • Where you can do this: Mostly from home, office or mobile; sometimes needed to be at ISD. Monthly meetings with Principal, the ISD PTA Board, PTAC. One or more Board of Education meeting each year • This role is good for people who: are good at listening to the interests of everyone in the community and not sensitive to critical feedback; really like to be highly informed and involved in school issues and activities that impact ISD, our kids and families. The outgoing President is responsible for a larger share of the workload, with the incoming President shadowing and learning during the first year and slowly transitioning to more work in preparation for leading in their second year.



As the PTA Secretary, you will be the principal coordinator and communicator with the ISD PTA Board and ensure the duties and responsibilities outlined in the ISD PTA Bylaws are met, including: manage the PTA meetings and keep meeting records, oversee the membership list and publication of the School Directory, maintain the bylaws, and manage PTA accounts (email accounts and others). • Time commitment: Typically 1 – 2 hours per week; more at peak times, particularly at the beginning and the end of the school year (August/September and May/June). • Where you can do this: Mostly from home, office or mobile. Monthly PTA Board meeting at ISD. PTA Board members attend at least one evening Board of Education meeting during the year. • This role is good for people who: Enjoy communicating and coordinating with others to ensure activities and projects are kept running smoothly and who want to be well informed and involved in ISD and PTA activities.



As one of two Treasurers, the incoming will assists the outgoing when needed to, manage the budgets and finances of the PTA and work with other PTA Board members and Committees to track income and expenses, manage deposits, payments, petty cash requests and reimbursements. Manage transactions and records from our website and PayPal. Maintain financial records, reconciliation and reporting of PTA accounts, and presenting financial updates at monthly PTA Board meetings and at General PTA meetings. • Time commitment: Typically 10 hours per month; more at peak times around big fundraisers, end of year filings. There is a required one-day PTA Council training in June. • Where you can do this: Mostly from home. Monthly PTA Board meetings at ISD. • This role is good for people who: are familiar with accounting and QuickBooks.



This non-voting role is designed for a volunteer who serves as a PTAC representative for ISD. This coordinator will facilitate communication between all PTAC committees and the ISD executive board by reaching out to all ISD PTAC committee reps for updates on their committee's work and keeping the ISD executive board apprised of all PTAC committee initiatives.



Work with along your co- VP Communications to oversee and populate PTA communication channels such as Dragon Tales, ISDPTA.ORG, the PTA website pages on the GPS website, press. Also oversees Membership communication. Incoming VP Communications is required to attend a half-day GPS Communications training for editing the PTA pages on the GPS website. This is a voting PTA Board role and VPs must attend monthly PTA Board meetings. Time commitment for incoming role is 2-5 hrs a week, with more tasks at the start of the year and around busy PTA events.



The VP of After School Enrichment oversees enrichment opportunities for our students and families outside of the school day. These opportunities include Science Night, Math Night, After School Classes and 5th Grade Musical, which will each have a committee of volunteers. ISD will continue to contract with Greenwich After School for Afters so VP will work with Afters Coordinator to ensure program runs smoothly. You will also attend PTAC Afters Committee meeting to stay informed on Afters concerns around the district.



This is a non-voting role which serves as a stepping stone to being the VP of In-School Curriculum Enrichment in the second year. The In-school Enrichment VPs research and identify potential enrichment programs to bring to ISD. You will work closely with Mrs. Firmender to select and schedule programs and be the liaison between the vendors, school and Executive Board. You oversee the IB Partnerships, visiting authors and Science Programs and Classical Café. You also attend PTA Council (PTAC) Curriculum Enrichment meetings where you will see new vendors and hear more about what other Greenwich schools are doing. You will also serve as the Executive Board contact person for ISD reps to the Green Schools and Health and Wellness Committees of PTA Council (PTAC). Incoming VP is invited to attend monthly Executive Board meetings and should do so in the later part of the year. This is a non-voting role in the first year, which transitions to the outgoing VP voting role in the second year.



Incoming VP Family Events ISD is such a great community and much of that is because of all the wonderful events put on by the PTA. In this position along with the outgoing VP, you will oversee family themed social activities and Committees throughout the school year. These include favorites such as Ice Cream Social, Monster Mash/Jack-o-Lantern Drive Thru, Trivia Night, Family Skate Day, Talent Show, International Family Night and the Beach Party. VPs must attend monthly Executive Board meetings. Time Commitment: Approximately 10 hours per month. This may vary depending on the event calendar. The VP is responsible for staffing the event. This position is great for an individual who enjoys event planning, is detailed oriented and is a multi-tasker.



These executive board positions are very important ones for our school and involve overseeing committees responsible for raising money that will go towards programs benefiting our children. Together with the outgoing VP, you will work with your Committees to make the events exciting and engaging. You will oversee all fundraising activities tied to events such as the Greenwich Color Challenge, School Photos, Book Fairs, Parents Social Auction, Spirit Wear. VPs must attend monthly Executive Board meetings. 


This board position involves chairing the Nominating Committee which help to match ISD parents to over 100 various volunteer positions needed to ensure all our programs run smoothly. In this role, you will and oversee School Support committees including Class Parents, Traffic Circle, Hospitality, School Beautification and Staff Appreciation Week. VP must attend monthly Executive Board meetings. The is a shared role with an outgoing VP. Good for anyone that is able to dedicate more time in late August and early September and then again in March and April.




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