For ISD Teachers 

The ISD PTA is committed to providing our teachers with the resources you need to innovate in the classroom. 

Every year, we offer two types of grants to support and bring to life new ideas and programs that help enrich student learning and make playtime more fun during recess! Read below for more information.


Teachers - Education Grants

2023-2024 Education Grant 

Is there something new that you have been wanting to try in the classroom that fosters creativity and critical thinking? Perhaps, there are additional materials that could help you teach more effectively and help students better absorb the information?  Or is there a class you want to take to build on your skills? Maybe, invest in new tools or technology?  The PTA is here to help you fund it. 

The ISD PTA has established an educational grant fund intended to support and enhance teaching and learning at the school. We want to help provide you with the funding for technology, supplies or programs that enrich the current curriculum and stimulate creative learning opportunities for the students at ISD.

Apply for an Education Grant

Teachers - Recess Equipment Grants

2023-2024 Recess Equipment Grant 

Are there recess materials and/or games your students would like to have that they currently don't? You might be able to fund it through the ISD PTA. The ISD PTA has established a recess equipment grant fund to enhance the student’s play opportunities and school experience at ISD.

We want to help with funding for equipment, games, or anything else that would make indoor or outdoor recess more engaging, fun, and increase the variety of play behaviors amongst our students by helping them work creatively and collaboratively with peers and maybe – just maybe – providing additional opportunities to integrate our classrooms and social and emotional learning with recess. 

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