Communications Committees

We will always need to communicate with our school community. 


We need volunteers to work on:

  • Dragon Tales & Email Blasts 
  • Publicity
  • Photography

If you have website, PR, marketing or graphic design experience and like working on your computer from home this is a great team to be on!


The VP Communications oversees these committees and can jump in when needed to help during planning and execution.


Dragon Tales Chair 

This role supervises the team of Dragon Tales Editors, sets the Dragon Tales editing schedule and reviews each week's issue. Easy to do from your computer at work or home!


Dragon Tales Editors

This team is responsible for designing and editing Dragon Tales, the PTA’s weekly newsletter. Each team member is assigned a two-month rotation. Layout is done Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday through the ISDPTA.ORG website. Computer knowledge and basic graphic design experience is desirable. Training is available. 

Easy to do from your computer at work or home!


Website Marketing Team Member

This team will work closely with the VP Communications and Co-Presidents to create and send out online communications to support our PTA events and initiatives. On an event by event basis, this team will create sales forms, volunteer signups, e-blasts, and website content to support the event or initiatives. Web team members will select the events they wish to work on. Training on the use of Membership Toolkit will be provided by VP Communications. 

Easy to do from your computer at work or home!


Graphic Design

Share your design experience and help committees design marketing materials (flyers, banners, etc.) for the many events and activities of the PTA. 

Easy to do from your computer at work or home!



Photographers will take pictures of PTA events to use in Dragon Tales and our websites, send to the papers and shares photos with Mr. Harris to be included on the TV outside the office. This job required attendance at PTA events but can be divided among multiple people.


Publicity Coordinator

This role writes press releases about ISD events and initiatives and submits them to the press. Work is done in conjunction with PTA Presidents and Principal. 

Easy to do from your computer at work or home!



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