The PTA is a great place to make new friends, share fun and rewarding experiences with old friends and stay in touch with what's happening at ISD! 


It does not matter whether you have a lot of time to give or just a little, we want you to be involved in ISD and feel like you can contribute to making our school great!


Among the many PTA committee roles, there are:

  • big awesome jobs
  • small but mighty jobs
  • jobs that let you help out in the school
  • jobs where you work with the kids
  • jobs that can be done completely from home or office
  • jobs that can be done on the weekend
  • jobs that let you be a part of the school day
  • jobs that let you represent ISD in our town
  • jobs you can do on your own
  • jobs where you can be a part of a team


We encourage every parent to explore all of the committees and roles available below to see where they can find a good fit to use use their skills to contribute to our PTA and take part in enriching the lives of our ISD students and families.

Look for the   icon to see the roles that are available for next year.

Look for this icon  to view roles that can easily be done from work/office. These might be roles that you do on your own or roles where you can easily attend a few meetings via zoom to complete. Many committees do not need you to step foot at school at all and others only on the day of the event. Don't be afraid to explore the opportunities even if you are a working parent or have young ones at home!


If you see something that interests you, sign up on the volunteer form and someone from our volunteer team will reach out to give you more information. 

We look forward to learning how we can help you find the right place to contribute.



Volunteer for Traffic Circle 



Volunteer - Executive Board

The room where it happens!

The ISD PTA Board is the driving force behind all of the activities and initiatives of the PTA. If you want to be in the know and in the thick of what is happening at school, explore the Executive Board for a role that interests you.


Volunteer - PTA Business

Keeping us on task and on budget!

The Treasurer, Secretary and Presidents oversee several committees that handle the finances of the PTA, PTA day to day business, PTA membership, directory, teacher grants and more. There are many great jobs that can be done from home or office.


Volunteer - Communications

Help us keep in touch!

Our communications team is tasked with the important job of reaching our community to share important information. If you have website, PR, marketing or graphic design experience and like working on your computer from home this is a great team to be on!


Volunteer - In School Enrichment

Raise the level in the classroom! 

If you like organizing educational activities for our kids to enrich their classroom learning, this is the committee for you. This team plans assemblies, author visits, Classical Cafe, Garden programs and more. 


Volunteer - After School Enrichment

Extending the learning past the school day! 

If you want to keep the learning happening after school, consider joining our committees to plan the Afters Program, Math and Science Nights, and the 5th Grade Musical!


Volunteer - School Support

Keeping our school beautiful and our teachers happy!

If you would like to help us keep our school beautiful, show our support to our teachers and staff, or organize social events for parents, this is a great team for you.


Volunteer - Family Events

Bringing our community together!

If you like planning parties and events, this is the committee for you. From our Jack O’latern Drive Thru at Halloween to the end of year Beach Picnic, these committees bring the fun so we can celebrate and enjoy our wonderful ISD community. 


Volunteer - Fundraising

Raising money for a great cause!

Our fundraising committees plan the Parent Social, the Greenwich Color Challenge and Book Fair as well as smaller programs such as SpiritWear. If you want a role that makes a big impact to what we can achieve as a PTA, join one of our fundraising committees that help make it all possible.


Volunteer - PTA Council Reps

Represent ISD at the district level

The Greenwich PTA Council committees meet to discuss the latest news and issues in different aspects of school life and work with district administrators to educate parents, advocate for change and help implement new initiatives.





The ISD PTA is comprised of dedicated parents, teachers and staff who volunteer their time and give generous donations to provide practical support for our school. That practical support comes in many shapes and sizes and requires a lot of volunteers. These volunteers all work in concert to further the mission of the ISD PTA.


The Mission of the PTA:


To enrich and augment the GPS and ISD IB Primary Years Curriculum. Curriculum Enrichment is a cornerstone of our mission and provides staff and children the opportunity touch, see, feel and experiment in and out of the classroom while providing a spectrum of fun, educational and exciting experiences.


To enhance the school through beautification, staff support, technology, teaching tools and capital improvements.


To encourage a sense of community and belonging. ISD is much like big extended family and that is in large part due to our many outreach programs, family events and activities. We are not your average neighborhood school; roughly 45% of our students are admitted via lottery and the other 55% are from the ISD district, so we strive to reach out to all of our families and create a sense of unity and belonging.


To provide a voice for our community and children to advocate for a higher level of engagement and communication within our school and district.