School Representatives to PTA Council

The Greenwich PTA Council has committees where parent representatives meet to discuss the latest news and issues in different aspects of school life and work with district administrators to educate parents, advocate for change and help implement new initiatives. Each committee has meetings a few times a year and reps are asked to attend committee meetings (mostly held over zoom) and report back to the PTAC Coordinator.



Academic Excellence /SIP Representative

If you are passionate about the grade level curriculum and want to advocate for the needs of students – this is the role for you! You will liaise with the Academic Excellence Committee at the Greenwich Board of Education and advocate for ISD. The Academic Excellence Committee will be responsible to review both system-wide and grade level curriculum and instructional programs as well as in the development of recommendations for educational improvements for students at all levels. The role also entails that you attend School Improvement Plan meetings when they take place.


ALP (Advanced Learning Program) Representatives

The ALP representative attends PTA Council (PTAC) ALP Committee meetings to stay up-to-date on District ALP initiatives, attends BOE meeting when ALP is on the agenda, sends out emails to ALP parents who agree to receive them and act as “room” parent for your teachers. You must have a child in the program. ALP reps also function as ALP class parents and coordinate teacher gifts and other ALP specific activities.


2E (Twice Exceptional) Representative

2E represents students who are both gifted and have learning difficulties. Rep will attend 2E committee meetings and help keep ISD community informed.


Special Education Services (SES)

Attend monthly SES meetings and stay informed of Special Education issues in GPS and help bring information back to our ISD community. Special Education Reps also serve as class parents coordinate get togethers, activities and teacher gifts for SPED parents.







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