For ISD Teachers 

Teachers - it’s grant time!


Teachers - it’s grant time!

Is there something new you want to try in the classroom?  Additional materials that will help you teach, and students learn?  Is there a class you want to take? New tools or technology?  Then the PTA is here to help.


The ISD PTA has an educational grant fund intended to support and enhance teaching and learning at ISD. We want to help provide you with funding for technology, supplies or programs that enrich the current curriculum and stimulate creative learning opportunities for the students at ISD.


The ISD PTA Grant Committee is seeking proposals that will:

  • Positively impact student learning
  • Reflect current best practices and innovation in teaching 
  • Support the GPS curriculum and/or IB Program
  • Encourage collaboration within and across subject areas
  • Be used in the 2021-2022 school year


Individual teacher or group proposals will be accepted.


Examples of projects include equipment for science experiments and exploration, visiting or interactive scholars, audiobooks for students, digital equipment or software, items that will encourage and enable students’ creative expression, equipment for classrooms or activities. etc. 


All materials or equipment purchased with this funding will remain the property of ISD.


Deadline: Friday, September 23rd, 2022


Submissions: Online at, by email to or leave a hard copy in the front office. Click here to print the application.


Award recommendations are made by the ISD PTA Grant Committee and the school Principal, and approved by the ISD PTA Board. 


Terms of Accepting Teacher Grants
All recipients agree to submit the following:
  1. Photos of students in action using the grant
  2. Fall Update: Why was this grant important to you & how are you using it in the classroom? 
  3. Spring Update: How has this grant impacted your teaching this year? Would you consider asking for additional funds to continue the project or add to it?

For more information or any questions please contact the principal or the Grant Committee at


We look forward to your submissions!

*Before submitting this grant proposal, please review your proposal with principal.