Recess Equipment Grants

More Grant Opportunities – For Recess Equipment!


Are there recess materials or games your students would like to have? 


The ISD PTA has established a recess equipment grant fund to enhance the student’s school experience at ISD.


We want to help with funding for equipment, games and anything else you can think of that will make indoor or outdoor recess more engaging, more fun, and maybe – just maybe – will provide opportunities to integrate classroom and social and emotional learning with recess.   


Examples of requests include balls, hoops, sports equipment, dance equipment, outdoor games, field equipment, board games, items for building or assembly play, or other items that will encourage and enable students’ other recess activities.


Requests can be made in the amount of up to $50 per classroom.

Multiple teachers can apply together to combine funds for equipment that can be used across classrooms.  (All materials or equipment purchased with this funding will remain the property of ISD.)


Online below or by email to


Award recommendations will be made by the Grant Committee of the ISD PTA Board and Principal.


For more information or any questions please contact Mrs. Ricci or the Grant Committee at


We look forward to your submissions!